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The largest animal protein company in Asia

Shuanghui brings good food to families and friends around the world in a responsible manner. They produce a wide variety of chilled and fresh pork, retorted and pasteurized packaged meat products, and market them nationwide.

Shuanghui Group's portfolio includes more than 10 major product series. Our key products include "King of Kings", "Hot Dog with Corn", "Spicy Crispy Sausage" and "Luncheon Square Sausage".

Shuanghui Group processes and markets pasteurized meat products comprising smoked sausages, smoked hams and smoked bacon, etc.

In December 2016, the first American-style product factory started operation in Zhengzhou, which focuses on producing Smithfield brand’s low-temperature packaged meat products. Three major categories of products, bacon, ham and sausage, are currently available in the market, with all of them are using pork imported from the U.S., as well as adopting genuine skills and technology from the U.S., providing authentic American-style products to the Chinese market.

Shuanghui produces more than 200 cuts and styles of fresh and chilled meat. All chilled meat processing facilities are built upon a foundation of leading international techniques and equipment, and all facilities are built to meet rigorous export standards.