Our Approach to Sustainability

We benefit society by providing healthy and delicious food products that are produced in a way that limits our impact on the environment and meets the high standards of animal welfare. We enhance the industry by requiring our suppliers to meet our high standards and act in accordance with our principles. In addition, as a leading global food operator, we are subject to different laws and legal standards in the markets where we operate, and the expectations of our stakeholders are significantly different between the various markets where we operate. Therefore, we take a market and business-led approach to the development and implementation of specific sustainability policies.

The Group is setting the broad principles for sustainability, measuring and assessing performance and progress on sustainability, developing a strong culture for sustainability across our businesses, and promoting the sharing and learning of best practice across the Group.

We believe that WH Group’s economic performance and sustainability complement each other. Creating long-term value for shareholders and society lays the foundation our work. We adhere to the philosophy and plan of sustainable development, which not only reflect our core values but also help improve the performance of the Group.

Corporate ESG governance management structure

The sustainability development of WH Group covers the following five areas: