Caring for Communities

WH Group believes that running a business is like behaving oneself. Our social conscience demands that we keep a high sense of social responsibility, give back to the society, achieve common progress and ensure sustainable development within our community.

  • Volunteer service hours contributed by the Group employees this year: 11,000+ hours
  • Total value of donations and funds donated by the Group this year: $29 million

We attach great importance to community well-being and are committed to supporting disadvantaged groups by providing care and assistance in the fields of education, poverty alleviation and hunger relief, and disaster relief.

Education Support

We pay close attention to the education of our employee's children. In China, we have formulated the Regulations for the Children of Shuanghui Staff to Be Admitted to University and started the “Golden Autumn Scholarship” program. We award scholarships to the children of employees who have been accepted by colleges and universities. We also seek to create unique and new learning opportunities in communities in the United States and Europe.

Case Study: Established Shuanghui Business College

In November 2018, Shuanghui and Luohe Vocational College of Food held a signing ceremony for the cooperation of schools and enterprises, representing the official establishment of Shuanghui Business College and the official start of Shuanghui Sales Elite Class. The in-depth cooperation between colleges and Shuanghui will cultivate food industry professionals.

Poverty Alleviation and Hunger Relief

In China, we also continue to actively participate in poverty-alleviation programs in the areas where we operate and promote ability building of poverty-stricken areas. We aim to eliminate poverty through industrial and sustainable development.

Smithfield always pay attention to the hunger and food insecurity issues in the communities where Smithfield operated and is committed to alleviating hunger and food insecurity issues across the United States. For the last ten years, Smithfield has donated protein to foodbanks across the United States through their Helping Hungry Homes® program. In 2018, Smithfield donated 23.9 million servings of protein to foodbanks and hunger relief organizations in the United States.

Case Study: Food Fight for Hunger Relief

DC Central Kitchen, a community kitchen and job training organization in Washington, D.C., provides culinary training to jobless adults, including the formerly incarcerated. The organization sources food that would otherwise be wasted and turns it into nutritious meals for those in need, all while preparing the unemployed for employment in the foodservice industry.

It’s an innovative approach to fighting hunger that Smithfield is proud to support through monetary and product donations. In 2018, Smithfield provided more than 15,000 pounds of protein, prepared by students and distributed to feed the hungry throughout Washington, D.C. We also contributed $100,000 to sponsor DC Central Kitchen’s signature fundraising event, Capital Food Fight.

Disaster Relief

As a company with a strong sense of social responsibility, we need to help affected communities during difficult times, such as when a natural disaster strikes.

Case Study: Helping Flood-stricken Communities Affected by Hurricanes in the United States

In 2018, Hurricane Florence hit North Carolina, causing enormous damage to the community. After the hurricane, Smithfield immediately donated about 480,000 servings of protein to the affected communities. It also provided refrigerated trucks to help provide fresh food during extended power outages in the disaster area.

Disaster recovery is a long process, and has continued to affect the local community. In addition to donating servings of protein to the affected communities, Smithfield also donated $100,000 to the American Red Cross to support its disaster-relief efforts in the area.