Staff Development

WH Group understands that corporate value is created by all employees. We aim to create a safer, more reliable and comfortable work environment while building a culture of harmony and mutual prosperity. To achieve this, we provide diversified career paths and advancement plans to help our employees pursue promotions, career development and personal satisfaction.

Average training hours received by Shuanghui’s employees this year


Injury incident rate of WH Group for every 200,000 working hours


Value-oriented employment

WH Group is committed to helping our employees fulfill their potential, and we have been working to improve employee engagement while protecting their rights and interests. We respect every employee, and we treat them fairly. Aside from ensuring strict compliance with relevant labor laws and regulations in the markets where we operate, WH Group adopts hiring policies that provide employees with promising opportunities.

Career development

In an effort to offer employees equitable opportunities for diversified career development and promotion, WH Group gives employees clear guidance in meeting their own specific goals. This serves to promote the interests of both the employee and the Group.

Shuanghui formulated the “Management Regulations on Employee Promotion” to create fair employment opportunities and promotion paths for employees. In addition, we carry out a development plan to train executives in the manufacturing plants and to appoint and remove executive officials by means of competitive selection. We offer employees systematic training to advance their careers. In 2017, the Group developed a three-tier training system in which 15,314 training activities were held, with a per-capita training time of 55 hours.

Online course enrolment

Approximately 2,650

participants, an increase of 91% compared with 2016

Training at the facility level

Approximately 4,750

participants, an increase of 30% compared with 2016

  • Caring for female employees

    In 2017, in response to initiatives in care and equalization for female employees prevalent in China and the international communities, Shuanghui entered into the “Exclusively Collective Contract for Female Employees ” of the Shuanghui Group, to safeguard the statutory rights and special interests of female employees as well as implement special arrangements for female employees. We have invited gynecological experts to speak to female employees about healthcare and to provide gynecologic examinations for free, helping to show care for the special health needs of female employees.

  • Recruit synergies under “One Smithfield” initiative

    Smithfield is finding greater synergies between recruiting activities throughout different locations and operations through its “One Smithfield” initiative. Smithfield’s human resources team has also worked to establish a consistent brand identity across all recruiting divisions to help expand the talent pool and we have centralized job listings for all domestic segments, which is committed to improving employee retention and engagement, and creating a more cohesive and innovative corporate culture for employees.

  • Smithfield’s Human Rights Policy

    The company has specifically formulated the Smithfield “Human Rights Policy”, which clarifies expectations for the areas of employees’ equal opportunities, health, environment and safety, harassment and violence, employees’ rights and other key topics to ensure the fair treatment of employees; we encourage workers to call a toll-free hotline number to report any violations. Smithfield also communicates this “Human Rights Policy” with all major suppliers and expects them to comply with it.