Food Quality & Safety

“Product quality is never a trivial matter and food safety is of paramount importance.” These words are often emphasized by Mr. Wan Long, the Chairman of WH Group. Product quality and food safety are important issues to both WH Group and consumers. The philosophy of “food safety comes first” is deeply rooted in our Group’s culture. We have established a quality control system and a food safety control system that governs all of our business chains. We have also built and continuously improve the product traceability system. We will continue to enhance quality and optimize production processes to guarantee product quality and safety by applying more advanced technologies and management models.

At the board level, we have set up a Food Safety Committee, which is responsible for developing the principles of food safety and risk management and overseeing on-going review processes. On the operational level, we set up a Quality Management Team with more than 1,700 people. The team members are engaged in different production processes, assisting in controlling risk and improving food quality and safety.

Control points in our production process


Health product selections in the U.S.


Supply chain management

High-quality, reliable products originate from safe raw materials. WH Group places emphasis on quality control of feed production and livestock breeding processes. We also further streamline the ingredient-sourcing process and supply chain system to assure product quality and safety from the source.

In China, we strictly follow supplier management policies, and we have developed a supplier performance evaluation system. We established a professional assessment team to closely monitor supplier qualifications, production processes, and upstream management. At the same time, the team requires suppliers to sign a letter of commitment that lists supplier responsibilities and requirements on product safety, environmental protection, and product quality. In the U.S., we have established the “Supplier Code of Conduct” and other policies to manage supplier operational compliance, product quality and safety, animal welfare, environmental performance, business integrity, labor expectations, and human rights issues, in order to continuously improve and strengthen our supplier management.

Process control

Product processing is a critical step in assuring product quality and safety. All plants of WH Group use internationally advanced equipment and technology and meet the standards of the ISO9001 Quality Management System, the ISO22000 Food Safety Management System, and Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) System or the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI). We conduct risk assessments and hazard analyses on all aspects of the production process. Combined with our risk control measures and information-based control methods, these processes monitor more than 9,000 control points to effectively ensure that quality and safety control measures are fully implemented.

Every employee of WH Group is the gatekeeper for food safety. We encourage employees to report any potential risks that may affect the safety and quality of products in the plants. The quality management department will respond appropriately based on the situation.

  • Strict Procurement and multi-point Control

    Shuanghui has a strict supplier review system and takes a multi-point control approach in all batches of raw material purchased in order to ensure the safety and reliability of the procurement process. Shuanghui and the official quarantine department conduct onsite certification and inspection of each batch of hogs purchased. The hog supplier must provide product certification at the time of delivery of each batch of products to ensure that the hogs are raised in accordance with the supply agreement and meet the relevant quality and safety standards. In order to eliminate the purchase of hogs that have been fed with leanness-enhancing agents, Shuanghui sends employees to conduct random sampling at large suppliers’ plants. Shuanghui records all issues and findings during the inspection process, which serves as important evidence for supplier review.

  • Shuanghui’s Intelligent Logistics System

    In China, we developed an Intelligent Logistics System to ensure product quality and safety during the transportation process. Using technologies such as the Internet of Things, big data, and GPS, we are able to monitor the distribution temperature and the location of vehicles in real time on both computers and mobile phones. This allows us to respond to unexpected situations in a timely manner. Through these technologies, we enable to digitize vehicle management and improve our strength in monitoring product quality. Connecting the Intelligent Logistics System with the ERP system allows us to trace the entire transportation process, and to improve the supply chain management in an all-around ways.

  • Be the first operator to test each hog

    that enters our supply chain for leanness-enhancing agents Shuanghui has taken the initiative and been the first operator to test every hog that enters our supply chain for leanness-enhancing agents (which includes clenbuterol and ractopamine, among others) since 2011. After a stringent testing process, qualified pigs shall be transferred to the next process, while unqualified hogs will be undergone the harmless treatment as required by the Animal Health Supervision Department.