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Delighting our customers and staying relevant with new products

We have a track record of launching successful new products that help drive our revenue growth. We also continuously invest in upgrading our quality control technologies and developing new production techniques. As a result of our commitment to technology research and development, we hold a total of 91 patents in the PRC. Key focus areas for our product innovation initiatives include:


We develop our packaging with the aim of differentiating our products by highlighting product quality and convenience.

Health and Wellness

We aim to meet consumer demand by providing a variety of healthy foods which are rich in lean protein. Our products include choices with lower sodium and all natural ingredients.


We deliver quality and tasty packaged meat products in ready-to-heat and ready-to-eat formats, providing consumers with convenient, time-saving solutions.


We believe that taste is the most important consumer driver in any food category. Our bacon is combined with quality deli meat for a totally new taste experience, and our smoked sausage offers bold and spicy taste combined with a smoky deliciousness.