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Making safety our top priority

Food Safety Management in China

We have established a food safety management committee and a food safety control system to coordinate various aspects of our quality control system in relation to food safety issues. The focus of our food safety management committee's responsibilities primarily includes:

Food Safety Internal Controls

We have formulated and implemented a set of food safety internal control standards covering the food safety issues related to our research and development, procurement, production, storage, transportation and sales and distribution activities.

Control over our Supply Chain

To maintain effective control over food quality, our quality inspection personnel conduct onsite inspections of the effectiveness of the quality control and food safety systems of our key suppliers, and may be stationed from time to time at the production facilities of our key suppliers to monitor their production.

Food Safety Management in Our U.S. and International Operations

In order to foster continuous improvement in food safety, our food safety teams constantly look for new ways to incorporate emerging food safety innovations into our products and processes. We have a senior-level, cross-functional Food Safety Council that represents the major subsidiaries of our U.S. and international operations to better share knowledge and foster continuous improvement in food safety. Our Food Safety Council develops policies, standards and best practices that meet or exceed all regulatory requirements. Read more about our U.S. Food Safety programs at http://www.smithfieldcommitments.com/core-reporting-areas/food-safety-quality/