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Contributing to our community

We are proud to be an engaged and active member of the communities in which we operate and which we help feed. We believe we have the responsibility to give back to the people and the planet that have helped us grow into the strong company we are today. Our community initiatives focus on supporting people in need, rehabilitating disaster-stricken areas and educating children. Over the past years, we have contributed millions of US dollars to these causes.

With the acquisition of Smithfield Foods, we are able to share our resources, ideas and opportunities to further serve our local communities around the world. Smithfield is committed to providing good food in a responsible way and maintains robust animal care, community involvement, employee safety, environmental, and food safety and quality programs. For more information, visit www.smithfieldcommitments.com.

Key accomplishments

Effective Control Measure

Since 2010, Shuanghui Development has invested more than RMB200 million (US$33 million) to build and renovate sewage treatment systems at its factories in China to ensure its waste water discharge system meets pollutant emission standards.

On a monthly basis, each factory is required to conduct a self-audit to ensure all measures conform to requirements. On a quarterly basis, the environmental protection agency or a third party agency conducts the supervisory evaluation of online facilities to validate our data.

Additionally, Smithfield Foods continues to execute on its goal of diverting material with residual value away from waste streams and toward recycling and reuse. To date, Smithfield has:

  • Initiated the development of barn scraper technology on farms that helps create valuable, renewable energy;
  • Achieved a 10% reduction in normalized solid waste to landfill from 2014 to 2020 and set a goal of eventually eliminating all waste going to landfills from its processing facilities;

Energy Conservation and Emission Reduction

At Shuanghui Development, we have demolished 16 boilers in our Luohe headquarters, effectively eliminating 392,000 tons of steam and exhaustive emissions per year.

Smithfield Foods too has its eye on reducing its energy intensity. By 2015, through a series of newly implemented energy reduction efforts, the company had reduced its normalized energy use by 4% from 2014, putting it well on its way to meet its 5% reduction goal by 2020. In addition, Smithfield Foods has reduced its greenhouse gas emissions by 6.1% in that same time period. With each incremental achievement, Smithfield Foods continues to push itself to reduce environmental impact and improve sustainability. To learn more about this, please visit: www.smithfieldcommitments.com.

Helping the Community

At Shuanghui Development, we know we could not accomplish anything without the hard work and dedication of our over 55,000 employees.

Smithfield Foods has become an integral member of all of its communities, consistently striving to make a positive impact in areas where its employees work and live. In particular, Smithfield Foods focuses on programs that nourish both the body and mind. To that end, since 2008 Smithfield Foods has donated over 64.9 million servings of quality protein to food banks and organizations that serve the hungry. In 2015, Smithfield Foods donated approximately US$8.3 million in cash donations to those in need.

Natural Disaster Recovery

At Shuanghui Development, we have a vision of unity both nationally and internationally. We seek to serve communities in all regions. Unfortunately, all too often our communities fall victim to deadly natural disasters. We believe we can play a very important role in getting communities back on their feet. We were a major contributor to the Sichuan area after the Wenchuan earthquake in 2008, helping families rebuild their homes and their lives. Our dedication to the cause was rewarded with a China Charity Award for Most Caring in 2008. After winning this, we proudly re-affirmed our commitment to our community programs, and have continued to be a major donor in the wake of natural disasters.


We believe the future of our company and the future of our nation depends on our next generation. Shuanghui Development invests in our youth because we are dedicated to innovation and the entrepreneurial spirit. Over the past ten years, with annual contributions of over US$5 million, we have helped thousands of underprivileged youth complete their dream of obtaining a higher level education.

Smithfield Foods shares this value. For the last decade, the Smithfield-Luter Foundation has helped to provide an educational foundation through educational scholarships for our employees' children and grandchildren at select universities. Since the inception of this program, Smithfield Foods awarded 458 annual scholarships worth more than $3.0 million.

In addition, Smithfield Foods funds six different programs focused on serving students from disadvantaged backgrounds who have the desire to succeed but don't yet have the skills to overcome their challenges.