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Delivering value to all stakeholders

We uphold our corporate culture of integrity and strong morals as the cornerstone of our corporate development. We establish strategic cooperation and maintain long-term relationships with suppliers and customers, fully respecting and safeguarding their legitimate interests. We offer consumers safe products and quality services through constant improvements, protecting their legitimate interests.

At Smithfield Foods, we believe that financial stability and sustainability go hand in hand. Our sustainability strategies help us improve our company's performance. Over the past decade, we have worked to embed sustainable practices and principles systematically throughout our operations.

In 2010, we increased our commitment to sustainability by creating a new sustainability management program, including board- and corporate-level oversight committees, a new executive-level position to oversee our efforts, and a core team to drive further progress. We also set specific goals and targets relating to the five pillars of our sustainability program: animal care, employees, environment, food safety and quality, and helping communities.

A sixth pillar, which we call "value creation," highlights ways that Smithfield's sustainability program creates value for all our stakeholders while simultaneously improving company financial performance. This pillar also helps to tie our sustainability progress to overall financial reporting.